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Science has proven that cancer can be prevented through healthy food choices and exercise. As a member of the Independent Charities of America, the Cancer Prevention and Aid Institute works to provide access to nutritional foods and also education on benefits of eating well. This is an important step toward prevention and helps to elevate the quality of life for disadvantaged children and their families in America and throughout the world.

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We recognize the devastating effects cancer has on its victims and their family members.Robert Taylor

Our Mission StatementProviding life saving fresh fruits and vegetables to impoverished at risk families

Prevention is the perhaps the best weapon against this devastating disease. Part of the core focus the Cancer Prevention and Research Fund is to provide cancer prevention education; medical services, equipment and supplies; and fresh nutritional fruits and vegetables to disadvantaged or at risk families. This is in keeping with the Power To Prevent Cancer 7 Step Plan.


Here’s How We Do ItSee exactly how we accomplish our goals.

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    Step 1: Rescue The Produce

    We rescue 1,700,000 pounds of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from being thrown away in the Landfill at Nogales Arizona.

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    Step 2: Distribute To Families

    We distribute $2,550,000 worth of Fresh Fruits and vegetables to Hungry Families and Children through out Arizona and Mexico.

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    Step 3: Repeat

    To provide 1,307,692 Nutritious meals of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.To serve 34,000 Hungry and Needy Families with Nutritional Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

We’re Making A DifferenceSee How You Can Get Involved.


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The GoalWorldwide network. Local impact.

We’ve been able to To distribute $2,550,000 worth of Fresh Fruits and vegetables to Hungry Families and Children through out Arizona and Mexico. With your help we can reach the world.


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